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It is located close to the driver and controls the temperature, humidity and ventilation
for comfortable driving condition.
Providing air flow through impeller rotation by BLDC motor which replace mechanical parts
by electrical circuit
Application: Air purifier, heat exchanger, heat radiation equipment
Measuring the indoor temperature and sending the data to ECU which controls the airconditioner
of the vehicle.
Application: gas boiler for heating and hot water
3 way valve for swtiching the heating and hot water operation
Maintaining the level of head lamp against the change of vehicle's height by converting rotation of motor into
linear mototion of actuator
STEPPING MOTOR has fixed step angle per input pulse. Therefore, it is very suitable for the motor which
need accurate position control.
Applications for STEPPING MOTORS are facsimile, printer, automobile, air-conditioner, CD-ROM, DVD, FDD
A brushless DC(BLDC) motor is a rotating electric machine where the stater is a classic three-phase stator
like that of an induction motor and the rotor has surface-mounted permanent magnets.
(AFS : Adaptive Frount-Light System)
AFS actuator mounted in a cage that pivots from left to right. Based on vehicle speed and steering wheel
angle, the STEPPING MOTOR swivels the cage.
(AET: Adjustable Electric Thermostat)
AET is an actuator that controls eletronic thermostat to keep the engine temperature at an optimal condition.
The established thermostat contains wax, whose volume changes according to the temperature. With such
characteristic of wax, this part mechanically controls the valve stroke corresponding to cooling water
temperature. AET actuator uses STEPPING MOTOR to control thermostat electronically.
A STEPPING MOTOR that has fixed step angle per input pulse is attached to the valve which controls
refrigerant supply. Applications of R.C.V are all kinds of refrigerator, heat exchangers etc.
Applications for R.C.V. are refrigerator, heat exchanger, etc.
Solenoid is a variety of transducer devices that convert energy into linear momentum. A solenoid switch is a
specific type of relay that internally uses an electromechanical solenoid to operate an electrical switches.
applications for solenoids are CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.
LEV is the electronically operated step motor flow control valve, intended for precise control of liquid
refrigerant flow. Synchronized signals to the motor provide discrete angular movement, which translates into
precise linear positioning of the valve piston.
Valve piston and ports are uniquely characterized, providing improved flow resoluton and performance.
LEV is applicable on all the same types of systems found in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry
as thermostatic expansion valve.
This eco-product, expansion valve will improve the energy efficiency for the air-conditioning system about
30% up.
DAMPER, having STEPPING MOTOR, is installed in the way of refrigerant and it controls the refrigerant to
This product controls the quantity of light which come into the lens.