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1. Employment of step motor for actuator
2. Fast response to micom control
3. Low operating error
4. Accurate position control with simple control devices
1. No additional driving circuit for containing embeded control curcuit.
2. High vibration and noise characteristic
3. High start response
4. Covering wide range of air volume
1. Low noise and slim design by employing flat coil
2. Low cogging with coreless type
3. Driven by only power input for containing embeded control curcuit.
1. High trust by converting rotation of motor to linear motion of screw shaft
2. Low error and no error accumulation by employing step motor
3. High response in starting, stopping and reversing of motor
4. Maintaining stop position by motor torque without additional devices
5. Trust and velocity control of valve
6. Simple driving system by open loop control
1. Controling the level of head lamp against the change of vehicle's height
2. Employing the step motor as actuator
3. Long life over 1 million cycle
4. Controlling stroke in proportion with the input pulse signal
5. No accumulated error in stroke
6. High response in starting, stopping and reversing of actuator regardless of sudden change
    of vehicle's height
7. No need additional stopper
1. Rotation angle is proportional perfectly to input signal.
2. Angular error per 1 step is little and it is not accumulated.
3. Response as starting, stopping and clock(counter clock) rotation is very good.
4. Rrotation can be controled by digital signal and system circuit is very simple.
5. It is possible to drive with low acceleration when motor shaft is connected with the other load directly.
6. Stop positioning could be controled without break system.
7. Rotation speed is changed in proportional to pulse signal into the step motor.
1. Electric and mechanic noise is lowl.
2. No need for maintenance with high reliability.
3. High speed is possible.

4. High density is possible (Simplification is possible)

5. Adapt easily for multi-function of machine (Fixed speed control, changing speed control etc.)
1. Accurate movement of the actuator by the order of an ECU.
2. Check fail situation of the actuator by using Feedback Sensor.
3. Decreased ECU's load & increased reliability of the Actuator by inserting Motor Driver in it.
4. Only an ECU needs to be newly developped for another models.
1. 7% of fuel efficiency improvement compare with mechanical thermostat.
2. Decrease exhaust gas.
3. Improved modulous of a machine.
1. Angular error per 1 step is little so that valve leakage is little.
2. Little vibration & noise while clock & counter clock rotation.
3. Improved modulous of a machine. Response as starting, stopping and clock(counter clock) rotation
   is very good.
4. Valve body has designed with 100% airtight.
5. Valve controls the refrigent and leakage well.
6. Less electricity consumption.
1. Able to operate with low current.
2. Fast response.
3. Able to applicate to small products due to the small size & light weight.
1. STEPPING MOTOR to operate the valve
2. To control the refrigerant flow proportionally
3. To input pulse to STEPPING MOTOR from external circuit, enables ideal refrigerant flow precisely
4. Refrigerant flow control valve by 2-2 phase pulse motor(fuzzy control is available, developing
   separate drive circuit is needed)
5. Minuteness control is available due to the partition of 1400 or 2000 from opening to shutting.
6. Either air cooling or heating is available.
7. Various kinds of refrigerant gas is available(R410A, R134A, etc.)
1. Adapted STEPPING MOTOR and decelerator
2. Increase efficiency of refrigerator
3. Less noise and vibration while rotating
4. Less leakage of refrigerant by regular step angle when it fully closed
· Fitst, it is possible to open the shutters in the range of 2.5[V]
· Second, it advances the reliability standard.
· Third, it cut down on expenses by compact design