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1997.12 Awarded as The Prospective Enterprise (Industry and Energy Minister)
1999.07 Designated as The Best Superior stock in KOSDAQ (Samsung Securities)
1999.09 Designated as Korea Technological Power 50 Leading Enterprise (Chosun Newspaper Co.)
1999.10 No. 1 on the Financial Independence in KOSDAQ (Shinhan Securities)
1999.10 Designated as The Superior of Korea Electronic Part Contest (EIAK)
1999.12 On 23rd Venture Ceremony, designated as The Best Venture Enterprise (Technology Minister))
1999.12 Designated as The Prospected Telecommunications Enterprise (Telecommunications Minister)
2000.02 Awarded as The Superior Supplier on Side Parts of Computer (Samsung, Hangyere Newspaper)
2000.03 On Taxpayer s Day
Awarded as The Best Taxpayer (Finance and Economy Minister)
2000.11 On 37th Export Day, awarded 30 Million Dollars Export Monument
2001.10 Award in Superior venture company by Korea nation papers
2004.11 Award in outstanding building of Moatech R&D center by Incheon city
2005.06 Award in "The first class product" by Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy
2005.11 Award in "50 million expert tower"
2006.02 Designated as "The best supplier in area of Quality"
by Fuji Xerox Korea
2006.05 Awarded Bronze Medal of Industrial Effort, honor of
"Excellent CEO Management" (Small and Medium Business
2006.10 Awarded in "Technology Award" by The Korea Institute of
Electrical Engineers
2006.12 Awarded in "2006 Best Supplier" by LG Electronics INC.
2007.03 Awarded as "The Best Taxpayer" by JungBu Regional Tax Office
2009.11 Award in "70 million expert tower"
2011.12 Award in "one hundred million expert tower"